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Honest John, why do I even need to have the other party served?

Basically courts strive to be fair and reasonable. One of the foundational concepts of this fairness and reasonableness is “Due Process”. Due Process requires among other things “notice and opportunity to be heard.” The documents you are having us serve are an aspect of this notice. The delivery of those documents by a person appropriately authorized by law to do so within parameters permitted by law is another aspect of the due process notice requirement. It is the service of process that brings your defendant/respondent within the courts “jurisdiction.”

Honest John, What areas do you serve?

We serve all of Maricopa County. Additionally if you need service anywhere else in Arizona or throughout the United States just give us a call and we can refer you to servers so you can go direct and not need to pay a middleman. Give us a call. We are glad to help.

Honest John, what kind of documents can you serve?

As court officers we can serve all process, pleadings, papers, orders or writs issued prior to, during or independently of a court action including anything servable by a sheriff or constable with very few exceptions. Bottom line, we can probably serve whatever it is you have. If we can’t serve it we can tell you where to go to get it done. Give us a call. We are glad to help.

Honest John, do the same rules of service apply to all documents?

No. Some documents need to be left with the person they are directed to. Some can be left with co-residents some of the time but not all of the time. Some can be posted with a follow up mailing component. A person who you are seeking to serve can appoint someone else to accept service on their behalf. Some service can be accomplished by a publication procedure. Some service can be by certified mail. Some by first class mail. The foregoing are listed by way of examples and are not the sole methods of service. Give us a call. We are glad to help.

Honest John, what if the person we are trying to serve is going to try to avoid service?

The court system and available parameters of service favor service of process as opposed to service avoidance. Remember if service of process ground to a halt so too would the civil court system. Courts will not let that happen. The ease with which service can be accomplished in a particular matter can be influenced by such things as the type of documents being served, whether the person sought to be served lives alone or with others as well as where they work and what they do for work. Additionally Arizona courts have the power to make exceptions to the standard rules of service on a case by case basis for many types of matters. If you think you may have a service avoider or if some other server or law enforcement has already tried and failed give us a call.

Honest John, what serve rules apply to papers that are issed from a state other that Arizona but need to be served in Arizona?

As a general proposition papers from a particular state need to be served under that state’s rules of service even though they are being served in Arizona. All states have their own rules of service. One of the sub-categories within those rules is a rule regarding service of that states documents in another state. Most states require their “in state” service rule to be followed when serving “out of state”. Some states allow service under their own rules or the rules of the state where the service occurs. Don’t be overwhelmed. Give us a call. We are glad to help.